The prices of telecom subscriptions are falling again

The Ariase barometer for September highlights a drop in the prices of subscriptions to telecom operators’ boxes.

The price war has resumed in telecommunications, with a lot of promotions, private sales or flash operations. The big winners in this business are consumers. In its latest monthly barometer, Ariase notes a further decline in the price of internet service subscriptions from telecom operators.

The average price of a subscription to a fiber box fell by 0.3% to 25.67 euros on average. This decline is paradoxical to say the least. It takes place as operators spend hundreds of millions to deploy their new network. But it also reflects the battle between Free, Bouygues Telecom, Orange and SFR to win new customers.

But this average hides a certain disparity between the operators: the prize for the cheapest subscription (in monthly cost smoothed over 24 months for an entry-level fiber subscription) goes to Red by SFR, with an average of 20.79 euros . At the opposite end of the scale, Orange, at 35.16 euros. However, at Sosh, the bill falls to 22.99 euros.

Price drop of 2.2% for mobile subscriptions

The same goes for mobile subscriptions. Here too the time has come for prices to fall, with a decline of 2.2%, for an average price of 18.67 euros. This time, it is Bouygues Telecom which offers the lowest price at 13.41 euros while SFR wins the prize for the most expensive package for 10 GB of data, with an average monthly price of 27.96 euros. The operator is ahead of a very short head Orange, at 27.91 euros.

This resumption of “sales” in telecoms is very expensive for operators. In fact, the cost of acquiring customers is increasing, and the infidelity of uses is weighing down their accounts. But for consumers, it is an opportunity to regain some purchasing power, when everything increases, from the price of gas to that of pasta.

Evolution of the cost of mobile plans since September 2020. Ariase


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