The Prime Minister of the Sudan Transitional Government and the military reach an agreement to reinstate-Shangbao Indonesia

November 22, 2021 20:43 PM


Abdullah Hamduk, Prime Minister of the Sudan Transitional Government

[China News Service]News from Khartoum: On the 21st local time, the former prime minister of Sudan’s transitional government, Abdullah Hamduk, was reinstated after reaching an agreement with the Sudanese military, but his domestic protests did not result in this. stop.
According to Reuters, Hamduk and the Sudanese military conducted a live broadcast of the signing ceremony of the agreement that day. At the ceremony, Hamduk called for “stop bloodshed” and “directed the energy of Sudanese youth towards construction and development.” The commander-in-chief of the Sudanese Armed Forces Abdul Fatah Burhan said that Hamduk will lead an “independent” cabinet of technical officials until Sudan holds “free and transparent” elections.
It is reported that in addition to the restoration of Hamduk’s duties, the main content of the agreement also includes the release of politicians detained by the military and investigation of casualties in recent domestic protests.
According to the Russian Satellite News Agency, after the signing of the agreement, the Sudanese Professionals Association, an important member organization of the Sudanese non-military political force “Freedom and Change Alliance”, issued a statement, refusing to recognize the agreement reached between Hamduk and the military and denounced it as “A kind of betrayal.” The statement stated that the agreement “only represents the signing of the parties,” and the purpose is “to give legitimacy to the coup d’etat and the military committee.”


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