The promotion of the Carmat artificial heart is in full swing in the silence of the patients


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Everything is going for the best for the French company which markets the artificial organ designed by Professor Carpentier. But this success is built on the silence of the operated, about whom we no longer know anything …

It was a Carmat summer, or almost. Usually so cautious about its communication, the French company which markets the artificial heart designed by Professor Carpentier has not stopped increasing the number of press releases during this summer period. Last week, it was the announcement of the third implantation of his prosthesis in a commercial setting. It happened in Germany. “This is a major step, which opens a new page in the development of the company”, had already welcomed the company mid-July.

According to the press release published on Friday, as usual, everything went well. “The patient who received the device suffered from severe end-stage biventricular heart failure and was eligible for urgent heart transplantation,” explains Professor Assad Haneya, director of the transplantation and mechanical circulatory assistance program at the medical center where the operation took place. “A few days after the operation, the device gives complete satisfaction and allows the patient to recover as expected”, added the director of the unit …


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