The proposal that Trump run for the House and the seat of Nancy Pelosi

The idea that the former president is competing to be a federal representative floats.

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The idea that the former president is competing to be a federal representative floats.

The ex-president Donald Trump He has not stopped campaigning, although at this moment he is campaigning in favor of his allies who will run for the midterm election in 2022, but There is a strange idea that the ex-president found “interesting”: to compete to be a representative in the Chamber and, eventually, to be the spokesperson.

That’s how it is. Not a fantasy or conspiracy theory, the Republican listened to the suggestion during an interview and enthusiastically responded to the plan that would put him face to face with Nancy Pelosi (California), Speaker of the House.

Wayne Allyn Root, a conservative news anchor, interviewed the former president, according to the Washington Times.

“Why not, instead of just waiting until 2024, and I hope you run in 2024, but why not run in 2022 for the United States Congress? A House seat in Florida, win big, lead us to a landslide victory, taking the House for 50 seats and then becoming the Speaker of the House, ”Root said seriously.

The former president did not hesitate.

You know, it’s very interesting. That is very interesting. And people have said, run for Senate, okay, run for Senate, but you know what? Your idea could be better. It’s very interesting“, He expressed.

The idea does not seem far-fetched, since the former president’s new residence is Florida, although he should compete for a district that includes Palm Beach and, given the problems with neighbors, it might not go far.

The Washington Times He recalled that it is not the first time that this idea has been placed on the table, since former chief adviser to the Trump White House, Steve Bannon, said it before Republicans in Boston.

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