the protocol is relaxed to encourage the return of students

On Wednesday September 15, the Ministry of National Education announced that 81 schools were closed. To allow a faster return of schoolchildren, the protocol has been clarified. For a child with symptoms, some schools required a medical certificate before returning to class. Now the parents can simply swear that the child has seen a doctor, who has not prescribed a test.

Parents can also isolate the child for seven days. He can then return to school if he has no more fever. For the doctors, it’s a relief because establishing these certificates increases their workload and gives them too heavy a responsibility. “Say that a child does not present Covid-19 when 50% of people who are positive are totally symptomatic, give such a certificate … we are not Madame Soleil “, criticizes Dr Jean-Paul Hamon, general practitioner. For children who have been in contact with a proven case, they must be placed in isolation, then have a negative PCR test carried out one week after exposure to return to school.

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