the Proud Boys turn their jackets

On social networks, members of the American far-right group are angry with the former president. According to New York Times, they consider his disavowal of the Capitol riots as a betrayal.

Nothing is right between Donald Trump and the Proud Boys. At the end of last year, this far-right group declared “His unwavering loyalty” to the former US president, underline the New York Times. On November 8, in a message broadcast on a Telegram group, he even invited his supporters to “Salute Emperor Trump” and to demonstrate against the results of the presidential election.

But this week, the Proud Boys’ attitude towards the billionaire changed. “Trump will be remembered as a total failure”, they said Monday, January 18 in the same Telegram group. And according to the New York daily, Wednesday, January 20, while the 45e US president was leaving the White House, the tone rose among members of the Proud Boys speaking on social networks.

Some have started to label Trump as “partner in crime” system and leader “Extraordinarily weak”. “They declared that his disavowal of the sacking of the Capitol [le 6 janvier] was an act of treason ”, add the New York Times. And they called for no longer attending meetings and demonstrations organized on behalf of Donald Trump or the Republican Party.

Deprived of his Twitter and Facebook accounts, the former president also “Could not speak to them directly to allay their concerns or launch new rallying cries”, observe the daily.

“Not the same guy who showed up in 2015”

Proud Boys anger towards Donald Trump has grown “After he did nothing to help members of the group facing prosecution for violence on Capitol Hill”. According to New York Times, at least five members of the Proud Boys are affected by these lawsuits.

And they are not the only ones to be turned against the former president. Other far-right groups like the Oath Keepers, America First and the Three Percenters have also started criticizing him on Telegram, the daily claims. Nicholas Fuentes, frontman of America First, wrote in his Telegram group that Trump was not “Not the same guy who showed up in 2015” and that his response to the Capitol riots was “soft” and “very weak”.

The height, according to the New York Timesis that part of the American extreme right seemed to welcome the entry into office of Joe Biden. “At least the new administration is honest about its intentions”, wrote the Proud Boys on Telegram.


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