the province of Liège on alert 4, like Brussels

This decision comes in a specific health context, since many cities and towns (Liège, Seraing, Herstal, Verviers, Dison, etc.) are among the least well ranked in terms of vaccination.

Concretely, going on alert 4 can have an impact on the daily life of the entities concerned.. These actions and measures are preferably taken at the local level, as far as possible, in consultation with regional health agencies and with particular attention to vulnerable people. The measures can also be phased out on the basis of the criteria defined for each alert level. Response teams can be deployed to assess the situation on the ground and propose measures or their relaxation.

For example, it may be decided to change schools from code yellow to code orange. It is up to the Minister of Education to make this decision, in consultation with the local authorities. But according to our information, no such decision is currently taken into consideration at the level of education.

In theory, additional federal measures can also be taken as part of alert levels 3 and 4. If the situation develops unfavorably in a given municipality, the local crisis unit may be invited to meet to analyze the situation and, if necessary, take additional measures.


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