The PS5 DualSense lets you feel the songs on Spotify

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The integration of haptic technology in the DualSense, PlayStation 5 control, has been a great success and is putting this new way of enjoying and feeling entertainment on the map. With a few months on the market, PS5 users continue to experiment and discover functions included in the controller and this time it is the turn of one that appears when Spotify is deployed on PC.

Feel the songs on Spotify with the PlayStation 5 DualSense

Haptic technology is not limited to the DualSense and the gaming experience on PlayStation 5, in fact, little by little is securing PC support so users can have a more immersive experience if they decide to use the Sony controller. Well, although it was something that was discovered a long time ago, but once again made noise, the interaction between the DualSense and PC is shown differently when listening to songs on Spotify. As a report from The Gamer, WIndows and Spotify support for DualSense haptic technology allows users to feel the songs.

What does this refer to? Well, when you connect the PlayStation 5 controller and use it while a song is displayed on Spotify, the haptic technology will do the same to respond to the notes of the instruments in an experience that goes back and forth through the entire control.

How do I use DualSense on Spotify for PC?

According to the information, you must connect the DualSense to your PC with the USB-C cable and once the drivers have been installed you will have to select the speaker icon on the screen and choose Speakers as the audio output. After doing this, you have to go to the Control Panel, there in the Sound and Properties section, where you will have to highlight the Speaker Fill box in the Enhancements tab and press Apply. Once this has been done, it will be enough to start Spotify, play a song while the remote is connected to PC and the DualSense will do its magic.

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How about the PS5 DualSense so far?

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