The PSOE calls on its parliamentarians to fight “insidy and manipulation” against the Government

The PSOE has sent a circular to its parliamentarians asking them to fight against the “hoaxes and manipulations” that may arise and that during these days when the coronavirus takes over all the news, because, according to the statement, “disloyalty cannot be allowed.” The letter, which dates from April 2 and signed by Minister Ábalos and spokeswoman Adriana Lastra, comes to light in a week in which ABC has decided to stop participating in the press conferences on the government-controlled coronavirus.

The letter asks the socialist members that, “in addition to being exemplary in your daily behavior …”, “use your ability to communicate in your areas of influence, with articles, videos or participation in social networks to call for unity, to hope, to denounce hoaxes ».

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis, the Secretary of State for Communication (SEC), led by journalist Miguel Ángel Oliver, has implemented a system that prevents journalists from asking direct questions to the Prime Minister. What has made a good number of media join the decision of this media. In addition, hundreds of journalists joined the manifesto entitled “The freedom to ask” in which the method implemented in the La Moncloa palace is rejected. .

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