The PSOE would double the PP in the Valencian Community in the first CIS after the elections

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The PSOE would continue to be the most voted force in the Valencian Community, with 31.4% of the votes (3.6 points more than in the general elections of November 10) and would double the percentage of votes to the PP, which would repeat as second but would get 15’1% (8’1 points less than 10N).

This is reflected in the last CIS barometer, prepared between November 29 and December 19, weeks after the general elections of November 10, which offers results by autonomous communities of direct vote plus sympathy.

According to the CIS, Vox would lose the condition of third force that it obtained in the November elections, since it would collect 10.7% of the votes (compared to 18.6% two months ago), and would go to fourth, exchanging the position with United Podemos, which would achieve 13.8% of the vote, a percentage quite similar to November (13.5%).

Citizens would again be the fifth force of the Community, with a 7’1% of the votes (similar to the 7’8% of November) and Més Compromís would repeat as sixth, although this time it would obtain 4’6% of the votes, compared to 7% two months ago.

In this way, the progressive bloc would add 49’8% of the votes, compared to 48’3% that gathered on November 10, while the conservative bloc would get 32’9% of the votes, when two months ago surpassed to the left when collecting 49’6%. .


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