The psychiatrist explained how to convince elderly relatives to be treated for dementia

Psychiatrist Nadezhda Panova told how the relatives of a dementia patient to convince him to start treatment.

According to the expert, often a person can no longer adequately perceive reality. In severe cases, he ceases to recognize relatives and may show aggression towards them.

“You need to try to explain that you will support your loved one in every possible way, take on the responsibility of buying medicines, making an appointment with a doctor, organizing trips to a specialized hospital. Connect other relatives and friends to this, ”she said. RIAMO.

If the situation is difficult, for example, the patient can no longer safely use gas and water, you need to call a psychiatrist home and arrange for hospitalization.

Previously, Candidate of Biological Sciences, Senior Researcher at the Institute of Higher Nervous Activity of the Russian Academy of Sciences Semyon Golosheikin listed early signs of dementia.

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