The public sympathizes with Wiggs because of the song “Al-Bakht”… What is the relationship between Hoda Al-Mufti? | news

As soon as the rapper Wiggs released his new song “Al-Bakht”, it topped the “Trend” and became a recent topic for social networking sites.

Contrary to the usual Wiggs songs and tracks in which he responds to rappers, or even talks about his journey to rise and success, he complains about his condition after his girlfriend left him.

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A sad song that Weggs surprised his fans with, at first they did not accept the idea, but as soon as they heard it more than once, they began praising it and on Twitter, Weggs’ name became “Trend”, everyone was talking about the song and the different color in which it appeared.



But what is remarkable is that the audience linked the case of Wagz with emotion and the artist Hoda Al-Mufti, and they said that she is meant by the lover to whom he directs his words.

Huda Al-Mufti participated in Wiggs in the series “Bimbo” alongside Ahmed Malik, and behind the scenes videos and pictures of them appeared. Huda also attended one of Wiggs’ concerts and appeared standing behind the scenes singing with him.



The audience believed that there was a love story between Wiggs and Hoda Al-Mufti, and all comments indicated that he meant it in his song.






And “Bimbo” is a work of the original Shahid VIP platform, produced by the Creative Circle Meem Company and the Film Factory, starring Ahmed Malik, Weggs and Hoda Al-Mufti, as well as a large number of guests of honor and new faces, written by Mohamed Adib and with him a number of young writers, and co-directed by Amr Salama and Omar Rushdie in directing episodes of the series.

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