The Queen's father brings to justice the label that calls him a Republican

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Tired of being called a Republican, when he has never publicly externalized his ideology or political position, Doña Letizia's father, Jesus Ortiz, appeared yesterday before the Court number 1 of Pozuelo de Alarcón (Madrid), where the hearing was held by the lawsuit filed last December against El Español. Ortiz accuses the digital of an illegitimate interference with the right to personal and family privacy.

The origin of the lawsuit is an article published in a supplement of El Español in which it is said that "the Ortiz proclaim themselves republicans" in an information referring to Henar Ortiz, sister of the plaintiff. "The generalization of" the Ortiz "without discriminating names or persons, involves including in that context the plaintiff, which It involves unjustifiable interference with your rights, because it presumes that Don Jesus has made a public manifestation of a certain ideology or political position, ”which is not true, the letter states. In addition, he adds that "in any case it would infringe your rights to personal and family privacy, also violating the right to the protection of your personal data."

The lawyer of the Queen's father, Fernando Garrido, of the Garrido & Cubas law firm, recalled that article 16.2 of the Constitution states that «nobody can be forced to testify about their ideology, religion or beliefs ”, and argues that“ an affirmation such as that made by the publication seeks a denial or an implicit acceptance, thus forcing the person who is spoken to declare his choice ”.

The defendant based her defense on a phrase attributed to the plaintiff's sister, Henar Ortiz. Her testimony at the hearing made it clear that, in fact, in a telephone conversation she was able to refer to her "family", but that he was referring to other family branches alien to her brother, who has never referred to the ideological opinion of her parents and siblings, and who in no case had positioned herself as a "spokesperson" for anyone but herself.

Garrido insisted that “my client should not be considered a public figure, as the defense says, for many reasons; but, even if it were, his right to that nobody speculates on his ideology remains intact ».

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