The question that bothered Gallardo after River’s win: “I correct you, you have to get that word out”

The Doll knows where he is going. Convinced, to the point that he gets annoyed if someone suggests that his River has no direction. Marcelo Gallardoat the press conference after the Millionaire’s 4-1 win over Newell’s, was upset by a question and corrected the journalist Paulo Filippini, who used the term “take a course” when referring to the regularity of the River Plate team: “I’ll correct it for you that word because it’s not that we have no direction.

“I wanted to ask you if, taking into account what was done in the match with Independiente and today with Newell’s, if they found or made that click to take a course…”, the journalist began, and Gallardo replied immediately: “We have a course, it is not that we have no course. When you have no course it is because you do not directly see anything. I am correcting that word because it is not that we have no course. We do have a course. what do you do to go to the place you want. We are in that search”.

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