The question that dislodged Lionel Messi after the triumph of the Argentine National Team against Peru for the Qualifiers

Lionel Messi he left with a Lima smile. Not only because of the victory against Peru, but also because in the end he encountered a question that upset him a bit. And he came out elegantly, with a good-natured grin, making clear his principles regarding the Argentina Selection. It all started after the 2-0 that left the team led by Lionel Scaloni with 10 points, two less than the leader Brazil, in the table of the South American Qualifiers heading to Qatar World Cup 2022.

Leo was first asked for victory. And he highlighted: “We are getting stronger as a team”. But suddenly the surprise came. It is that the journalist of the official broadcast who was on the playing field of the National Stadium in Lima started a long question that was loaded with analysis, something that does not usually happen in this type of exchange.

“One last thing. I heard a lot of Argentine press in the last week. And there are many nuances. Some say that Argentina tries, but Messi suddenly falls back too far to carry the ball. And It is said that he is not as young as when he was 25 years old. Suddenly no. How do you feel and what do you want to give to the Argentine National Team? “

Very well predisposed, Messi answered the question and left with elegance: “Whenever I come here it is because I try to give my best, because I feel empowered to be able to do it, to be able to continue helping this group, and to be able to continue fighting for the shirt I feel good and If the technician decides that it is, I will be. Yes No No. But I feel good to keep working, to keep coming with the group and adding games and victories like these. “

Messi, especially in the second half, showed his best version so far in the Playoffs. Not only active in the creation – with interesting partnerships with Gio Lo Celso and Rodrigo De Paul – and in the completion of the plays – he was close to the goal, but had no aim -, but also collaborating when it came to going back. He is very committed to the Scaloni project. And, beyond the lack of forcefulness, it is always good when Messi is enthusiastic.


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