the radical Moroni is the new mayor

2023-10-02 03:31:24

With 100% of the votes, the radical candidate Juan Manuel Moroni won the dispute for the succession of the current mayor Carlos Briner. According to the provisional count, the UCR obtained 49.61% of the votes against 39.26% for Hacemos Unidos por Bell Ville.

The Peronist space aligned with the provincial government led councilor Gonzalo Pedano as its candidate for mayor.

The current president and elected provincial legislator is serving his second term and was prevented from aspiring to a third.

The other four lists belong to the ‘Federal Neighborhood Union’ space that promoted the Peronist Cristian Reitano for mayor; ‘Córdoba Neighborhood Meeting’ that he proposed to Ivana Tomasa; ‘Humanist Party’ to Ariel Escudero and the ‘Libertarian Party’ to Ramón Rodríguez.

In the elections, nine councilors and three tribunes of Accounts were also elected, with their respective substitutes, with the single ballot system (BUS), which is a single paper that contains the electoral offer of all categories and by which , by means of a tilde with a pen, the preferred candidates are chosen.

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