The rapist of an old woman is arrested ten years later thanks to a DNA collation

The Civil Guard has managed to clarify the case of an 81-year-old woman who was raped in 2009 when she left the cemetery of the Valencian town of Alginet with the arrest of the alleged perpetrator of the sexual assault, who has already entered provisional detention.

The violation occurred in January ten years ago when, according to the information provided by the Armed Institute, the victim was going to his home, after the daily visit he used to make to the cemetery.

The alleged author, now detained, approached the old woman in an orange grove, forced her to lie on the ground, threatened her with death and, aggressively, tore her underwear and sexually assaulted her until the rape was consummated. The victim lay on the ground until she walked to her house and asked the neighbors for help.

Civil Guard agents managed to extract DNA samples from the rapist, who were in the victim’s underwear. The aggressor’s genetic profile was entered into a database, where he remained ten years. On January 3, the Department of Biology of the Criminal Guard Service of the Civil Guard managed to identify the man, who at the time of the rape was 31 years old.

Five days later, the EMUME Team, of the Organic Judicial Police Unit of Valencia, arrested him. According to the information provided by the Benemérita, the court of instruction number four of the Valencian town of Carlet decreed last Friday his entry into provisional prison. .

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