The real-name calling card system will be implemented from today. Q&A: start/end of registration schedule, the number of calling cards each person can have-Hong Kong

On September 1st, Hong Kong officially implemented the “Phone Smart Card Real-Name System” rules, but citizens who are using “Space Cards” cannot immediately register their real names. According to government regulations, the Telecom Chamber of Commerce will prepare a user data storage system for 6 months starting today, that is, from today to March 1, 2022, and users can continue to register data starting from March 1, 2022. The government stipulates that after 360 days, that is, before February 23, 2022, all users need to complete the registration information before they can continue to use the phone card.


1. What information do I need to provide when purchasing a calling card?

Information such as name and date of birth must be provided for verification by the electricity supplier.

2. How many phone cards can each person buy at most?

Each person can buy up to 10 sheets.

3. How many phone cards can be registered for each company?

With the company as the user unit, up to 25 sheets can be registered.

4. When can I start registration? Who needs to register for the real-name system?

From March 1, 2022, citizens only need to start registration. At that time, all new phone cards used for person-to-person communication (including new prepaid stored-value cards and monthly subscription services) must be registered with real names before they can be activated. Monthly fee card users do not need to re-register with the telecommunications company, because existing users provide enough information to the telecommunications company, unless they need to “transfer” or open a new phone number, they need to register like other phone cards.

5. When will it be necessary to implement the real-name registration system and can no longer use phone cards anonymously?

The government stipulates that existing customers of stored-value cards must complete registration information 360 days after the start of registration, that is, before February 23, 2022. After this date, users will not be able to use the calling card anonymously.

5. Can minors buy phone cards?

If a user under the age of 16 wants to register a personal phone card, he must be confirmed by an adult, and the (telecommunications company) will also register the adult’s information.

6. Will personal data be protected?

In theory, personal data will only be stored in the database established by the telecommunications company. The law enforcement agency can rely on a magistrate’s warrant or in some urgent or emergency situations without a warrant, and require the telecommunications company to provide the registration record of the phone card user.

The government believes that the implementation of the real-name registration system for phone cards can prevent citizens from anonymously applying for phone cards, making it easier for law enforcement agencies to investigate user phone card information, strengthen network security, and maintain public order.

source:Information Services Department Mewe page:

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