The real size of Kanye West’s lower body suffocated the host on Julia Fox’s show

American rap king Kanye West (Ye) has been changing girlfriends faster than the speed of light since his divorce from Kim Kardashian. A few days ago, when one of Ye’s ex-girlfriends, Julia Fox, was interviewed by the program, she revealed the secret history of her relationship with Ye, and also disclosed the size of Ye’s lower body, which immediately aroused heated discussions among netizens.

In an interview, Julia Fox revealed the secret history of her love affair with Ye. (clip screen)
Julia Fox briefly dated Kanye West for 6 weeks. (Getty Images)

When Julia Fox accepted the program “Ziwe” a few days ago, she talked about her short relationship with Kanye West. The host asked Ye’s lower body size at the beginning, and Julia Fox also generously cooperated. When the host showed the length as wide as the shoulders with his hands, Julia Fox stopped and asked the host to shorten the length to about 30cm, which surprised the host.

Julia Fox speaks and behaves very boldly. (clip screen)
The host was very surprised by the size of Kanye West’s lower body! (clip screen)

When asked what was the biggest benefit of dating Ye, Julia said with a smile: “He bought me a lot of clothes!” In addition, she once expressed in a deleted TikTok clip that she hoped to get Kanye West out of the previous relationship, The relationship between the man and his ex-wife Kim Kardashian is instant, and the method is to make Ye like himself to distract attention: “I know that if anyone can do it, it is me, because when I make up my mind to do something, I will go Do.” But it wasn’t until Kanye kept mocking Kim Kardashian’s then-new love Pete Davidson on Instagram that Julia chose to withdraw from the relationship because of the long-term vicious cyberbullying.

Every time Julia Fox makes an appearance, she will do a super sexy dress. (Getty Images)
Julia’s sexy look has a strong personal style. (Getty Images)

The 31-year-old Julia Fox is familiar with the Netflix movie “Uncut Gems”. In addition to acting as an actor, she also works as a screenwriter and director. She once revealed in an interview that before entering the industry, she had done many different jobs, including sex work, and even appeared naked in the adult magazine “Playboy”. In addition, she married Peter Artemiev, a private pilot, in 2018, and had a nearly 1-year-old son, Valentino, but the two announced their separation in December last year.

It’s really not everyone’s Carry to this look. (Getty Images)
Julia has been dubbed a new generation of fashionable and sexy goddess by netizens. (Getty Images)

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