The reason Kalina Oktarani accepted Vicky Prasetyo as a candidate for priest

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Vicky Prasetyo and Kalina Oktarani finally decided to have an affair. Not long ago Kalina received the love Vicky expressed.

But things got even more excited when Vicky and Kalina called getting married soon. Not a few also call their relationship just a fabrication.

Many say we are setting, many say that we both will not last long, many say he is a man who only uses women. You are all free to talk, you are all free to judge me, and mas @ vickyprasetyo777, “wrote Kalina on Instagram, Thursday (19/11).

Kalina feels that she and Vikcy both have a dark past. That is what makes Kalina not necessarily looked at Vicky with one eye.

His past that made you all look at him one eye, but does not apply to me. Have you all looked in the mirror when you judged him? I am also a sinner, I am also not a holy woman. I am ashamed if I have to judge him when I realize, what I did yesterday, is not necessarily better than him, “continued Kalina.


Former wife of Deddy Corbuzier also have their own reasons for receiving Vicky’s love. Kalina is also sure to knit love with Vicky with all the flaws that exist in them.

When I chose him to be my partner, there were many considerations that I couldn’t possibly describe here, why and why I finally chose @ vickyprasetyo777 to be my companion. I accepted Vicky Prasetyo with all his flaws, like he accepted me with all my flaws, “wrote Kalina.

Kalina also did not mess around with the wedding plans with Vicky. He didn’t even hesitate calls Vicky as candidate for priest. Even Kalina is also sure that Vicky will become a candidate.

For you my candidate for priest, scold me if I have any wrong, teach me to be the woman you have dreamed of all this time. Thank you for making me laugh, when I forget what it feels like to laugh out loud. Thank you for giving color to my life and thank you for choosing me to be your companion, you dear, “closed Kalina.

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