The reason Pertamina plans to remove premium fuel

JAKARTA, – PT Pertamina (Persero) plans to abolish sales of Premium type of fuel oil. In addition to Premium, this state-owned oil company is also rumored to be attracting circulation of Pertalite.

PT Pertamina (Persero) Retail Sales VII Region Manager, Remigius Choerniadi Tomo, explained that Premium BBM could only be used for gasoline engines with compression ratio low.

Use of Premium on making machines fuel economy not optimal (km / liter low fuel) and dirtier exhaust emissions. So that Premium and Pertalite which have low octane numbers are considered not environmentally friendly.

“Octane Number 88 is only suitable for compression ratio 7 and 5. Whereas the car with compression ratio “for example 8,9,10,11 must already use BBM with octane number 92 and above, even up to 96,” explained Remigius in the discussion “Environmental and socio Economic Impacts of air pollution in DKI Jakarta” as quoted from Among, Sunday (6/28/2020).

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Remigius explained, Premium can only be used for gasoline engines with compression ratio low.

If BBM Janis Premium is used on Euro 3 and Euro 4 engines, then three-way-catalyst which serves to reduce the emissions of kabron monoxide hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides, will decrease its effectiveness so that the exhaust gas will be more pollutant.

Then, forced premium is used for gasoline engines with compression ratio the high will happen knocking or detonation which results in increasingly pollutant emissions, power down, piston damage in the long run and uncomfortable feelings for passengers.

Premium, he continued, is also only suitable for use with engines with Euro 1 petrol engine technology whose exhaust emissions are very pollutant.

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Previously, Pertamina Corporate Communication Vice President Fajriyah Usman stressed that his party was still selling Premium and Pertalite fuel types (Premium removed).

“Pertamina is also still providing Pertalite at gas stations in Indonesia. For that reason, people do not need to worry and continue to use BBM as needed, “he explained.


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