The Reason Rizky Billar Invites Lesti Kejora to Marry Siri First


Rizky Billiards and Lesti Kejora announced that they had been in a serial marriage since the beginning of the year. Billar also revealed the reason.

During the relationship between Lesti Kejora and Rizky Billar, concerns arose. Rizky Billar also wants to protect the dignity of a Lesti Kejora.

“I’m not pretentious, I have to protect the dignity of a Lesti. This Lesti is a person who has a good image, Dede is an example, an inspiration to many people,” said Rizky Billar on the Rans Entertainment YouTube channel on The Secret of Leslar.

“When we are close to Dede, we can’t be close without a marriage bond. On the advice of our family, we decided to get married, simple but solemn,” he explained.

Seeing the video of her serial marriage with Rizky Billar, Lesti Kejora had tears in her eyes. Rizky Billar revealed that he had married Lesti Kejora since the beginning of 2021 religiously.

Rizky Billar continues to affirm his decision to marry Lesti in a serial manner to maintain their closeness. The head of the serial marriage is Ustaz Subki Al Bughury.

“It’s my responsibility to maintain the dignity of the woman I love. Finally we decided that religious marriage was true. We got married early in the year, married by a cleric who we considered our own parents, by Ustaz Subki,” Billar explained.

Ready Kejora who was still moved, admitted that he wanted to be asked to have a serial marriage first because he no longer wanted to sin against his parents.

“Dede wants to continue to study to be a good child. When my sister asked permission, Mom and Dad allowed it. Dede decided that Dede wanted to take care of Mama and Papa, Dede had given enough sins to Mama and Papa in many ways so far. sin to Mama and Papa for this,” said Lesti Kejora.

Furthermore, the testimony of Ustaz Subki Al Bughury married Lesti Kejora and Rizky Billar in a series, on the next page

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