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This Thursday the president of Germany, Angela Merkel, confirmed that will prohibit the use of cloth masks, This, because they would not be as efficient to avoid the contagion of the virus, for which he emphasized that those who do not comply with this measure, will be fined.

Likewise, the president indicated that for older adults there will be no exception, so her call is to use masks “Surgical” waves NK95.

This measure, which was taken against the challenge of new variants and validated by the High Council of Public Health, body that advises the government on health issues, which recommends avoiding the use of non-approved cloth masks because they are less effective against the virus. He also suggests adopting the 2 meters of social distancing.


But why not use them?

The High Council of Public Health recommends avoiding the use of certain fabric masks, which are less filtering and therefore less effective. In the case of some masks made by hand, “There is no form of control over its effectiveness”Didier Lepelletier, a medical hygienist who participated in the recommendations of the High Council of Public Health, explained to the press.

Not all fabric masks are discouraged, as there are some that have been approved by the French army leadership.

The masks that filter the most, 94% of salivary aerosols, are the surgical FFP2. In fact, these types of masks are mandatory for common transport in Bavaria, in southern Germany, and in Austria, a country that announced on Sunday the extension of its third confinement until February 8.

In France, however, the High Council of Public Health has pointed out “that they are difficult to adapt to the morphology of the face. It is difficult, therefore, to control that the person is wearing it correctly ”, explained Lepelletier.

The High Council of Public Health also recommends maintaining a distance of 2 meters and not one, as until a few weeks ago. “The penetration of the new variants is perhaps a good opportunity to make the two meters official”, also stated Lepelletier, co-chair of the Covid working group of the High Council of Public Health.


New strains of the virus

It is feared the impact that variants of the virus such as the British virus, present in fifty countries, or the South African, which has already affected 20, may have from March or April.

Faced with this threat, the High Council of Public Health made new recommendations on masks and social distancing. This body makes recommendations to the government on health issues based on scientific data.

The High Council of Public Health confirms the penetration in Europe of new “more transmissible” variants of the virus, although “Modes of transmission” They have not changed. In other words, it takes a smaller amount of virus to infect someone.


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