‘The reason why Kim Jong-guk isn’t a Lloyder’ analyzed by a rehabilitation medicine doctor

Kim Kyung-ryeol, an incumbent rehabilitation medicine specialist who runs the YouTube ‘Busan Doctor Wonjang Kim’ channel. YouTube ‘Busan Doctor Wonjang Kim’ video capture

An incumbent rehabilitation doctor revealed his thoughts on singer Kim Jong-guk’s allegations of Lloyder.

On the 16th, a video titled ‘Doctor Kim Jong-guk, Lloyder vs Natural’ was uploaded on YouTube’s ‘Busan Doctor Wonjang Kim’ channel on the 16th.

Kim Kyung-ryeol, a rehabilitation medicine specialist, said, “I am not close with Kim Jong-guk and I am not a fan, so I will tell you objectively.

He argued that Kim Jong-kook did not play a loider on two grounds.

The first reason was that ‘there was no revealer’.

He asserted, “It is not easy to completely conceal the drug, because it requires someone’s help to keep the drug steady, and no matter how hard you try, it will inevitably be exposed to a small number of people.”

He added, “Especially in the case of a popular star like Kim Jong-guk who has been famous for a long time with his body.” He supported the first evidence by citing examples such as cyclist Lance Armstrong and the Balco scandal in the United States.

The second reason was ‘male hormone level’.

He explained, “The part that Canadian health trainer Greg Dussett took issue with was Kim Jong-kook’s age. This can be explained by racial differences.”

Earlier, Greg said, “It is difficult to keep growing muscles while maintaining high hormone levels at the age of 45.”

Kim Kyung-ryeol argued, “There are elements that can be racist and demeaning, and there are not many studies done because it is not a medically significant field, but there are differences in male hormone levels between races.”

“In the case of black people, the level of testosterone rises rapidly when they are young, and then falls rapidly as they get older, in the middle of whites, and in Asians, it rises slowly and then falls slowly as they get older,” he said. .

“This is the part where Greg, who has data on drugs and hormones mainly for Westerners, could fall into error,” Kim said.

Kim explained that all of this is not evidence that Kim Jong Kook is 100% natural, but his personal convictions.

In addition, Kim Kyung-ryeol insisted that Kim Jong-kook’s previous hormone tests alone could not prove whether he was using drugs or not.

He said, “There are many people who think that Kim Jong-guk went to the hospital and took a hormone test and thought that he did not take drugs, but in fact, such a test has no meaning. There is no point in doing it.”

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