The reason why she insisted on marrying a disabled man in a rural area with “zero wages” was exposed… Everyone was crying |

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The trend of late marriage is common among modern people, and there are many choices for marriage partners. Among them, status and wealth are unavoidable topics. However, a few days ago, there was a woman in Henan, China, Zhao Xia, who met Yang Yongxin, a man who was paralyzed in the lower part of the body and had limited mobility through the Internet. The two got married after six years of long-distance romance. Outside attention.

▲The marriage of the two aroused concern. (Combination picture / flipped from Weibo)

The NetEase column “Old Jiang Speaks the World” recently shared this case. In 2015, the two got to know each other through the Internet. Although Yang Yongxin had a good opinion of each other, Yang Yongxin confessed to Zhao Xia about his family situation and the condition of his lower body that was paralyzed because of an engineering accident. After Zhao Xia knew about it, instead of dismissing Yang Yongxin, she took the initiative to go to his home in the rural area of ​​Henan. She saw Yang Yongxin lying on the bed and her eyes were wet.

Zhao Xia saw this home in such a desperate situation, there were holes on the walls of the house that hadn’t been filled, and she had problems with food. She was kind-hearted and couldn’t leave here. Although Yang Yongxin had physical disabilities, her soul was also very humorous, and she often teased herself. Very happy, this kind of life is a little tired, but she doesn’t feel uncomfortable.

However, Yang Yongxin couldn’t let go of his mind. He kept saying that he had a hard life and couldn’t provide too much wages. It was difficult to live a good life for the woman. However, Zhao Xia felt that it didn’t matter. She bluntly said that she didn’t even need to pay for the wedding and took the initiative to take care of him Living, even processing fishing nets and subsidizing households for others, can be described as one person carrying the entire family.

“Old Jiang Said the World” called it “really married to love” after its deeds were exposed, which aroused eager attention from outside Chinese netizens. Many messages were moved and wished them happiness.

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