The reasons why the two Mexicans left in the Triathlon final

This Monday the final competition of Women’s Triathlon in the Olympic Games of Tokyo 2020. Triathletes Cecilia Perez Y Claudia rivas They appeared in this crucial event after months of arduous preparation for the great Olympic joust, but unfortunately Mexico have not been able to obtain medals.

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Cecilia, which is in position world ranking number 71 (and 17 at the continental level) of the World Triathlon Organization, had traveled to Japan since last May in order to train and acclimatize for the competition. Claudia, meanwhile, had been part of the Yokohama World Triathlon Series, and was looking to match or improve his ninth position at Rio 2016.

Sadly for the Aztec triathletes, they both dropped out of the grueling test of 55 competitors and it was for totally different reasons. Claudia rivas was pushed aside in the early 950 swimming meters, and according to various reports, it was due to stomach problems.

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Secondly, Cecilia Perez he ran with bad luck, since after having concluded the first stage, he suffered technical difficulties with a bicycle in the first 40 kilometers, so he sided with the track to finish his participation. At that time it was ranked number 33.

The winner of the competition was Bermudan native Duffy Flora, in what meant the first Gold Medal in the history of his country in the Olympic Games. His time was 1 hour, 55 minutes, and 36 seconds. The podium was completed by Georgia Taylor-Brown from the United Kingdom, and Katie Zaferes from the United States.

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