the recipes of a local Christmas Eve

Sunday December 29 at the market, the New Year’s Eve races have already started. “I’m always careful. I buy the vegetables from a small producer, moreover, it’s very close to my home, it’s easye “, explains a consumer.”I try to eat French whenever possible“says another client. Buying French is the promise of a boutique in the heart of Paris.

The grocery store offers products from all over France. Patricia went specially to the store to prepare for Christmas Eve. Tuesday, December 31, the menu will be 100% made in France. Each year there are more and more customers. To inspire you, Michelin-starred chef Julien Thomas offers an easy-to-make recipe based on exclusively French products: cabbage from Île-de-France, scallops from Normandy and mandarins from Corsica. Last advice from the chef: go around the market before choosing your products. It only remains to take a quick tour of the market to be closer to the producers.

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