The reconstruction of Beirut seen by the Lebanese architect Jad Tabet

The president of the Lebanese Federation of Engineers and Architects, Jad Tabet, puts forward an estimate of the damage suffered by the buildings in Beirut and the means necessary for their rehabilitation.

International mail : The damage caused by the explosions of August 4 in Beirut is enormous. Do you have any idea how many buildings were destroyed or severely damaged?

Jad Tabet: It is still too early to estimate the extent and cost of the damage. Large sections of the Port of Beirut and its infrastructure were destroyed, including the silos that contained most of Beirut’s grain reserves. The blast also caused damage to several nearby residential neighborhoods [et touchĂ©] four large hospitals. A number of government buildings were also damaged. The affected neighborhoods include around 100 heritage buildings dating from the 19th century and the first decades of the 20th century, some of which are classified, which have been severely damaged. The following table presents a preliminary estimate of the number of damaged buildings:

Number of buildings totally destroyed: 30-40

Major collapse of structural walls and roofs of buildings


Interview by Courrier International

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