News The referral medical center, without crowds, closed at CHR

The referral medical center, without crowds, closed at CHR


It can be reactivated if the situation in the emergency room or for general practitioners so requires.

This Sunday morning, the province of Namur counted 268 people officially infected with the coronavirus. These are mainly people who have had to be hospitalized since the start of the epidemic, some of them in the intensive care unit. This number does not take into account people potentially affected by Covid-19 and presenting symptoms at home. These people are not tested.

With this official number – 268 patients – the province of Namur ranks as the one that is proportionally the least affected. The province of Luxembourg has 210 cases, but also fewer inhabitants. Experts do not claim victory because the peak of the epidemic has not yet been reached. Nevertheless, it is reassuring to see that the hospitals are not saturated.

This Sunday, the referral medical center, which handled mass arrivals on Friday, closed in front of the CHR in Namur. At the same time, it was noted that several coronavirus patients admitted to Mont-Godinne came from outside the province of Namur. This does not mean that the Namurois is out of the woods, simply that the device does not overflow.

“The situation remained calm this weekend in the medical orientation post open in front of the CHR in Namur. This PMO can therefore be put on standby. It can be reactivated, if the situation in the emergency room or for general practitioners so requires. The opening this weekend made it possible to test the device and the reception of patients and to propose some improvements: checklists were carried out for the opening and closing of the post and some practical adjustments were made. Thank you to the staff and volunteers who ensured the guards during these three days “, says Denis Mathen, governor of the province of Namur

Efforts and containment must continue if there is to be no shortage of beds. The interventions of the bourgmestre Maxime Prévot and the chief of corps of the Namur Capitale police zone, Olivier Libois, went in this direction during the weekend.

The former hoped for tougher measures to block the way to the Covid-19. “I thought it was an opportunity to be able to take it to the next level, especially as minds were ripe” Maxime Prévot said after announcing the extension of the confinement to April 19.

The second welcomes the immediate collection of municipal administrative fines, without having to flood the public prosecutor’s office with minutes or the sanctioning agent for files to be studied.

As a reminder, in the territory of the city of Namur, non-compliance with confinement rules costs offenders € 350 (the maximum SAC).

Magali Veronesi



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