the Region presents its vaccination strategy

The Brussels Region has drawn up the vaccination schedule for the various categories of the population and decided on the places where the vaccine will be administered. To achieve the objective of vaccinating at least 70% of the population of Brussels, the Brussels-Capital Region will open 10 vaccination centers to reach a capacity of 375,000 vaccines per month.

Vaccination will first protect groups at risk and, later, obtain group immunity – 70% of the Brussels population over 18 years old – in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

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The government says it has based its vaccination strategy on the recommendations of federal and inter-federated working groups, the Superior Health Council and the advice of medical and field experts, but also on the evolution of the epidemiological situation. and on its impact to best meet the specificities of Brussels.

The vaccination strategy

The regional priority is to provide access to a safe and effective vaccine to all Brussels residents. To this end, Belgium participates in the centralized purchasing procedure of the European Commission, which has signed pre-orders with several vaccine manufacturers. However, the total number of vaccine doses will be limited in the early stages of deployment before production can be scaled up by manufacturers. In addition, the vaccines will be administered in two doses and within a certain timeframe between them.

Several phases of vaccination have been established:

Phase 1a

  • These are the nursing homes. This phase began on December 28 – more than 10,000 people have already been vaccinated and on January 18 the staff vaccination campaign will begin.
  • The following will also begin on January 18: vaccination of healthcare staff in hospitals, which will be carried out by the staff themselves and / or occupational medicine;
  • Will start in February:
    • care staff from other care communities, for whom a vaccination process similar to nursing homes will be applied;
    • Front-line care staff (general practitioners, home nurses, physiotherapists, dentists, etc.), for whom the first vaccination centers will be open.

Followed by phase 1b (which will start in March, depending on the flow of vaccines):

  • people over 65;
  • people between 45 and 65 with comorbid factors;
  • essential trades.

And, finally, the rest of the population above 18 years old (phase 2).

10 vaccination centers spread over the Brussels regional territory

Vaccination centers are medical infrastructures placed implemented temporarily to ensure rapid and effective vaccination of those to be vaccinated. In the Brussels Region, these centers will be strategically distributed throughout the territory to reach as many people as possible. Depending on the attendance curves, a vaccination center may open its doors or be temporarily put on hold to increase or decrease its capacity.

The following centers will gradually open:

At the beginning of February :

  • 1/ Heysel
  • 2 / Pachéco – Test Center
  • 3/ Forest (Albert) – Centre test
  • 4 / Schaerbeek – Test center

Early March :

  • 5 / Parlementarium (Ixelles)
  • 6 / Military Hospital (Laeken)
  • 7/ Molenbeek
  • 8 / Woluwe Saint-Pierre
  • 9/ Anderlecht
  • 10 / The last location has not yet been determined: it will be in the south-east of the region.

These centers will have a final capacity of 375,000 vaccinations, per month, from March. For this, the region will need 350 FTEs including 15 doctors and 75 nurses.

For front-line health care personnel, 5 vaccination centers will open their doors from the beginning of February. The most important of them will be located at the Heysel in the exhibition center (Palais 1), with a capacity of 40,000 vaccinations per month, and four others backed by the test centers of Brussels (Pacheco), Forest, Molenbeek and Schaerbeek (20,000 vaccinations per month). These centers will then be accessible to the general public, for which other vaccination centers will be added later.

Storage and management of vaccines

The various vaccines are stored in a central storage place for Brussels (called ‘HUB’) in accordance with the required pharmaceutical requirements. The central storage manager (the HUB) will be located in the center of Pacheco. He will manage stocks and deliver vaccines to vaccination centers on the basis of orders received from the medical director and / or the operational coordinator of the center.

A precise delivery point is determined for each vaccination center. As soon as it is delivered to the vaccination center, the vaccine will be stored in a suitable refrigerator.

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