The regional health agency is reassuring on the fourth wave in the Yonne

So far, the fourth wave has progressed rather slowly in our region and in particular in Yonne and Nièvre. How do you explain it?

Damien Borgnat: For the moment, it is true that we have a very low level of incidence rate. This is what is in fact observed in all the departments far from tourist areas, because that is where the outbreak was first declared. Today, I have pretty good news for you.

Eight days ago, for example, we had an incidence rate of 102 per 100,000 inhabitants. We are now at 96 since the end of last week. We are finally starting to see this rate decrease, which was already well below the French average. Everywhere on the national territory, the epidemic is ebbing.

With the start of the school year, should we expect an increase in the number of cases?

The feeling we have is that it is a lasting decline. We observed that at home, the decline was a little late, compared to the whole country, perhaps because of the return from vacation. But all this has remained very contained with the notable progress of vaccination. We have the impression that this wave is diminishing very clearly. The number of people hospitalized too. We observe a decreasing average age among them, we are more around 60 years old, while during the previous waves we were closer to 70 years.

Where are we with vaccination coverage in Yonne?

Among young people, we have a notable enthusiasm. Among 18-24 year olds in particular with 87.5% of vaccinated with at least one dose, which is 5 points more than at the national level. As soon as we pass this slice there, among 25-40 year olds for example, we have on the other hand a vaccination rate lower than the French average. So, this is something quite astonishing and specific to the Yonne.

A vaccination campaign is announced for a third dose for those over 65, but there is still a small fringe of the oldest population in the Yonne, which is not vaccinated. How are we going to get them?

We will launch campaigns with health insurance to recall these people. We are talking about those 80 and over, who are isolated at home. We will thus identify all the obstacles to be able to reach these people and offer them this vaccination, including by going to their homes, possibly with mobile teams that would be set up throughout the territory.

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