The Registry of Recreational Physical Training Groups in Public Spaces was created

30|11|20 21:01 hs.

The Municipality of Tres Arroyos through the Sports Directorate presented Ordinance No. 7378/2020 at a Press Conference, approved by the Honorable Deliberative Council, creating the registry of Recreational Physical Training Groups in Spaces within the Tres Arroyos District. Public.

Recreational Physical Training Group in Public Spaces is understood to be any periodic organization of physical training or sports competitions, of any discipline, without the participation of official associations that carry out their practices in public spaces.

In this way, the creation of the Ordinance, hierarchizes and orders the training groups in such a way that the Sports Directorate takes care of the participants, demanding an enabling title from the person in charge, as well as a medical control for the students and coverage for emergencies. medical.

Those responsible for the Training groups must present the following documentation to the Sports Directorate: A.- They must have the direction and / or technical supervision of a professional with a title of Physical Education teacher, or have degrees or certificates referring to some sports training issued by official public and / or private bodies. The professional who is in charge of the direction and / or technical supervision of the aforementioned groups will be responsible to the relevant bodies for all technical or ethical, professional and legal actions that may derive from their activity.- B.- Legal address C.- A civil liability insurance (Group or individual) D.- Have a first aid kit.- E.- Possess the holder and / or person in charge of the certificate issued by the competent authority of knowledge of first aid, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and management of AED with a periodicity of two years.- F.- Prove the hiring of an emergency service with transfer coverage for all members of the group.

For more information, and to register, you should approach the Sports Directorate from Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Municipal Sports Center or call 02983 – 423811/15509201 or consult through the page .ar / sports or social networks. –


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