The Reimanns: Konny back in Hawaii – surprise at the airport

The Reimanns: Konny back in Hawaii – surprise at the airport

Konny Reimann and his wife Manu.

Photo: IMAGO / osnapix

The Reimanns are one of the most popular emigrant families on German television. But not only on TV, her fans get updates from her life. Also on social media Equestrian and Manu Reimann your followers share in your life – also in your special moments.

Ripped in 2004 the Reimanns their tents in Germany and emigrated to the USA. After the couple Manu and Konny and their kids Janina and Jason first ended up in Texas, the couple finally moved to Hawaii a few years ago without their two children.


These are the Reimanns:

  • In 2004 the Reimanns moved from Hamburg to Texas (USA) – thanks to a Green Card they won
  • in “Goodbye Germany – The Emigrants” (Vox), their new life was accompanied by a camera
  • then appeared on numerous talk shows
  • Konny and Manu have two children. Son Jason and daughter Janina
  • In 2013, the first season of their docu-soap started on RTL2
  • In 2016 they moved to the island of Oahu in Hawaii
  • The fans are eagerly waiting for new episodes in 2021


The Reimanns: Konny returns to Hawaii, then a surprise awaits

It goes without saying that you have already spent the odd time at the airport. But there are still surprising moments there, too. Konny Reimann experienced one of them when his wife Manu picked him up.

“It is our tradition to pick everyone up at the airport with a flower chain (lei). Family, friends, film team and in this case my husband, ”writes Manu Reimann on her Instagram account. In line with this, she posts a photo of herself at the airport: She is wearing a knee-length red dress and brown sandals. She holds the flower chain in her hand – a summer appearance and a great surprise for her husband!

The Reimanns: Manu picks up her husband and surprises him

The flower chain – in Hawaii it is called a lei – is a typical ornament for the island. But that fits, after all, the Reimanns live there today. The fans think the surprise is pretty good.

“A very nice tradition. We met Konny on Saturday, he’s such a nice man. Just as personable as on television ”,“ Great tradition, when I visit you at some point, I would like to be received by you as well ”or“ The flower chains are also wonderful ”, it says in the comments below the post.


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Konny Reimann was certainly happy about his wife’s sweet gesture! Manu Reimann recently posted an ancient picture of himself and her husband. The fans couldn’t believe it. Find out more here.


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