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The separatists exiled in Belgium since the 2017 secession attempt are participating from afar in the campaign for the legislative elections in Catalonia. The best known of them, Carles Puigdemont, is even presented by The country as “A precursor” videoconference meetings in Spain.

Carles Puigdemont is one of the central figures in the campaign for the elections to the Parliament of Catalonia. A few days before the poll, which is to be held on Sunday, February 14, the former president of the Generalitat (the Catalan autonomous government) is increasing the number of meetings in support of his party, Junts per Catalunya. The pro-independence JxCat ranks second in the polls behind the Socialists of the PSC.

The only downside: the MEP now lives in Waterloo (Belgium). Spanish justice has been on its heels since the organization of the illegal referendum on the independence of Catalonia in the fall of 2017, but his status as a European elected official gives him parliamentary immunity.

Despite the distance, Puigdemont supports the candidacy of Laura Borràs, head of the JxCat list for the elections. “He and the other Catalan politicians who fled to Belgium have been campaigning from a distance since they crossed the Pyrenees and mobilizing the crowds by videoconference”, tells the most widely read newspaper in Spain, The country, until making Puigdemont “A precursor” this particular way of doing politics.

A Covid-style campaign on YouTube, Twitter and Instagram

Carles Puigdemont has renounced a nomination and ensures that he does not intend to be part of the future Parliament. But his involvement has not weakened since the campaign kicked off on January 29, remarks The country :

Every day, a meeting. At each meeting, promises of independence. ”

Either way, the coronavirus is shaking up party strategy. The Covid-19-style campaign, “Compromised by the weak presence of activists and by watered-down meetings, is played on Youtube, on Twitter, on Instagram, with live broadcasts and complex triangulations between different places”, develops the daily center left.

The last walkabout of the former president of the Generality dates back to February 2020, in Perpignan, in the south of France, where nearly 100,000 people had gathered. “The coronavirus has ended […] to the frenzy of travels of the Catalan politician, to his desire to bring the independence discourse to European capitals (until 2020, he went to Berlin, London, Geneva, Dublin, Helsinki…) ”, completes the diary.


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