the republican danger finds its source in their bad faith (By Birame Waltako Ndiaye)

2023-08-02 14:34:21

Now, those who demand understanding, dialogue and kindness had cowardly looked away when Pastef challenged the institutions, when he called inconsequently to burn the country and refused any idea of ​​consultation. Shame on such cowardly witnesses! To this end, the fight must continue against such opportunists subordinated to the movement of the wind, brokers in politics and commissioners of civil society. Right versus reason of State. If the respect of the legislative papers leads to compromising the national unity and the respect of the differences and the minorities, the public and enlightened power must crack down, whatever the price. It is the republican spirit that demands it.

Too bad we’ve reached the catch-up stage! If Macky Sall had not lent his flank, thus entangling himself in his privileges and prerogatives to the point of trampling on the gentleman’s agreement and elementary rules of law, we would not currently be in the position of having to restore, in desperation , the rule of law and the force of law. Alas, the damage is already done. However, it is up to us collectively, after all, to demand that the outgoing president save the furniture. To do this, he no longer has the choice but to limit the damage, by stopping the deviations and freedoms of tone for which he is the initial parent and congenitally responsible. In 2024, the next president will thus have it easier, freed from the affronts, intoxications and rudeness which pollute the public space like never before.

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The placement under warrant of committal and the dissolution of Pastef consecrates, for having revealed the extent of it, the bad faith of the Senegalese opposition and a good part of civil society. The latter go up on the roofs to slyly denounce mistakes. Concretely, must we admit that any act and any speech are admissible as long as they are made under the banner of a legally constituted party? Of course not.
Democratic decline, they say opportunely. In truth, they know full well that the decline comes from the terrorism of the followers of Pastef who do not allow any contradiction, any debate, or even any small disagreement.

What is happening in Senegal is grotesque. A good fringe of the population, under the blow of multiple frustrations and understandable discontents, turned up. The simplistic and promising speech brought her comfort to the point that she closed her eyes to any other economic consideration, particularly exogenous. Moreover, Ousmane Sonko has found his game there, especially since his line of communication does away with the international economic order and the sharp nature of the illusions of immediate emancipation. Until then, he sought to embrace the anarchist impulse of a good part of the youth and the rebels rather than channeling them in the direction of an attentive and conscientious civic awakening. Upstart, unleashed and devastating, he invested himself, all reductive, in accentuating the instincts, the insistences and the bitter accessible entreaties of the masses.

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All in all, the gregarious reactions of the majority of Sonko’s pimps do indeed join the populist tendency in vogue. The latter are apparently indignant at the measures taken to fight against the excesses and the risks of disintegration of the Senegalese nation. It is because they align themselves without conviction, just to please, aware of apprentice terrorists and supporters of the single thought. The public administration and the mission of preserving the authority of the State obey rules and logics which concern the general interest, and not the occasional interest of the public.

Is it necessary, for an artificial peace, to sell off the authority of res judicata or to close one’s eyes in front of crimes which contribute to the collapse of public authority? Even if it means causing gnashing of teeth, the State, headed by the Grand Commander of the National Order, must ensure that the country remains stable and peaceful, at all costs. The bad faith of politicians and members of civil society is where the danger that awaits the Senegalese nation lies.

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Brother Waltako Ndiaye
Popular Movement for Citizen Emancipation (MPEC)

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