The research to find Natacha interrupted, the Belgian police to the rescue? “This will be done on the basis of diplomatic negotiations”

A group of ten rescuers who went in search of the Belgian tourist Natacha de Crombrugghe interrupted their search for lack of logistical support, according to information from the media Infobae, relayed Saturday morning by various Belgian media.

The 28-year-old girl has not been seen since leaving for a trek in the Colca Canyon, Peru, on January 23, according to a wanted notice from the Belgian federal police. Rescuers wanted to comb through the road between Sangalle and San Juan de Chuchco. As the team had to cover a distance of seven hours, they had requested transport, but this proved impossible. The rescuers also asked for fuel to be able to move by car, in vain.

Since the search began, rescuers have apparently paid for almost everything out of pocket. According to statements by Joel Quicaña, a rescuer in action since last Saturday, to various local media, the authorities have not paid for accommodation, transport or food.

Currently, there are still 30 police officers in the area, integrated into three brigades, which cover the left bank of the Colca Valley. The municipality of La Molina has also joined in the search efforts. It provided a modern “DJI Dual” drone with infrared vision.

According to several Peruvian media, the Belgian police could come to reinforce the team of investigators on the spot. “We are thinking about it and we will contact the Peruvian authorities”confirmed Saturday morning Eric Van der Sypt, a spokesperson for the federal prosecution.

“There is no bilateral agreement between Peru and Belgium and therefore this will be done on the basis of diplomatic negotiations”he specified. “It is not a question of criticizing the Peruvian authorities who are doing what they can and deploying all possible means, but in this kind of case, we always try to have a letter rogatory on the spot sooner or later”, he enlightened. “A rogatory commission is in principle composed of two investigators and a federal magistrate.” There is no question of sending groups of Belgian police officers to Peru.

The Brussels public prosecutor’s office announced on Thursday that the file relating to the disappearance of Natacha de Crombrugghe, which had been in its hands until then, had been taken over by the federal public prosecutor’s office.

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