The resigned architect with revelations about the flow of electricity from the killer shaft

Ivan Shishkov, the longtime chief architect of the Triaditsa district, who resigned after the death of 16-year-old Lyudmil and became clear that he was not at work when the key document was subsequently signed, which was then presented to CEZ, explained why leaves the post voluntarily in front of “Bulgaria on Air”.

The student was killed by an electric shock from a bare cable in the shaft of the sidewalk on Geshov Blvd. on Sunday. Days after the boy’s death, the institutions shifted the responsibility of who owned the shaft and who supplied electricity to the pavilions nearby.

“Yesterday I made a decision for myself, the most important thing is to defend your name. In the last two days I felt an extremely strange feeling when waving a note. My feeling was that I almost had some guilt for the note and the connection with CEZ “, said arch. Ivan Shishkov.

He added that he felt distrust from the institutions in the Sofia Municipality, with which he had worked over the years, so he decided not to hold this position anymore.

“When you work well with a team and you feel that this team thinks you are to blame, it is quite logical to leave. The other thing is to wage war between the institutions, to transfer blame, which is completely meaningless,” said the architect.

He stressed that the note should not have any value. Ivan Shishkov was adamant that the signature with a comma does not mean the signature of the chief architect, but of the person who replaced him. He explained that while he was on leave, he was replaced by Elena Trayanova, who was head of department.

“I don’t think the memo has any value. As it is written, it is obviously used. It does not give the right to connect the pavilion. Colleagues probably did not consider that someone could have a behind-the-scenes goal. If I had happened to I am writing the letter, I would write that the pavilion is illegal “, arch. Ivan Shishkov.

According to him, these two pavilions are within the hospital, that is, the hospital and the district administration should be legally responsible for them as owners.

Acts for removal have been made in 2018. Returned from the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning in connection with a legal basis – a letter from the director of the hospital, who expressed a desire for the pavilions to remain. In 2019, the renovation of Geshov is completed. the traffic light, there is a change in the shaft and removal of one electric pole. The cables to the pavilions went from there, the new attachment of the pavilion took place in 2019 after or as a result of the repairs “, explained the resigned chief architect of Triaditsa district.

He noted that the body that should control the shaft is the user and owner of the shaft.

“The ordinance on movable objects does not clarify the issue of the so-called temporary connection for these movable objects. When you repair something and start moving to a piece, this is exactly what happens. We move the traffic lights, some cables appear,” explained arch. Шишков.

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