The restoration will lose 400,000 jobs this year

The outbreaks of the pandemic are causing serious damage to the hospitality industry Spanish. The measures to contain the virus and the uncertainty have caused consumption to collapse and, therefore, the turnover of these companies, which this year could fall between 40% and 47% due to covid-19. The calculations of the Restoration Marks association estimate a loss of between 15,000 and 17,000 million of euros.

That crash will mean the closure of almost a third of all bars and restaurants: some 90,000 will be forced to cease their business of the nearly 300,000 in Spain. Which will have a clear consequence, the destruction of approximately 400,000 jobs, where most of the employees are currently in ERTE but if your company closes permanently, they will swell the unemployment lists.

“We launched an SOS message to the Administration because we need help and resources, we hope to cross a desert,” claimed the president of the employer association that groups 40 restaurant chains, Carlos Pérez Tenorio. During the presentation of these data, he assured that sales will return to their pre-crisis levels from 2022, assuming that next year will also be “difficult.”

Bankruptcy in hospitality soar

The problematic situation is already being reflected. According to data published this Thursday by Axesor, bankruptcy proceedings soared 78% in the hospitality sector last September and accumulated 254 procedures so far this year, 3% more than in the same period of the year. last year. In addition, entrepreneurship in hospitality activities also fell 28% last month.

The sector was doing well so far. In 2019 it had a turnover of 37.4 billion euros, 1.7% more than a year before. For this reason, recovering the traffic of customers who physically go to the premises is “fundamental” because it accounts for 92% of the business in the sector. And it is that the shipment of food at home has increased during the pandemic but does not compensate for the losses, explained NPD analyst Javier García.

These data confirm that the hospitality industry is the most damaged sector at the company level due to the health crisis, since in the global calculation, bankruptcy proceedings fell by 18% in September, moderating their fall compared to previous months, which reached 87% in April. What’s more, the creation of companies closed in green, with the constitution of 12% more of them than in September 2019, some 6,200 companies. Despite this, in the accumulated since January it registers a decrease of almost 23%, with 55,000 companies created this year compared to more than 71,000 last year.

Good data in August

And in August the creation of companies had taken a break. According to data published by the OTHER, the number of new companies increased by 7% compared to the same month of 2019, to a total of 5,700 new companies. With this advance, the creation of companies returned to positive interannual rates after seven consecutive months of falls, especially in April, when it fell by 73%.

The Communities with the highest number of companies created in August were Madrid (1,228), Andalusia (1,044) and Catalonia (1,030). On the contrary, La Rioja (23), Navarra (42) and Cantabria (45) were the ones that created the fewest companies.


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