“The results they show are from June and July 2020 ″

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Photo: Agency One

He Minister of Health, Enrique Paris, referred this day to the study of the Lowy Institute that located Chile among the 10 countries (out of a total of 98 analyzed) that have handled the coronavirus pandemic the worst.

According to the study center, our country only exceeds Ukraine, Oman, Panama, Bolivia, USA, Iran, Colombia, Mexico and Brazil.

In this regard, the Health Minister assured that “The results they show are, unfortunately, from June and July 2020, and how the report says, At that moment we were in a very delicate position, because it is the time when Chile had the largest number of patients, the largest number of ICU patients, the largest number of infections.In other words, remember that in one minute we had 7,000 cases a day ”.

Paris, on the other hand, highlighted the report by Bloomberg which ranks Chile as the twenty-ninth best country in the world to experience the Covid crisis.

“Today the index shows us in a much better situation. If you analyze and see today’s results, we are even better than Germany, England, the United States. The index can be reviewed day by day. I was concerned about this information and I reviewed the index and we have made enormous progress, ”he said.

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