The resumption of trading of the two “demon stocks” has both dropped to the limit, and the major shareholders have reduced their holdings by hot money crazy speculation-Hangzhou News Center-Hangzhou Net

The resumption of trading of the two “demon stocks” has both dropped to the limit, and the major shareholders have reduced their holdings by hot money crazy speculation

Daily Business Daily News Yesterday, the “Demon King” Zhongtong Bus with 13 consecutive boards resumed trading together with Zhejiang Shibao, which also pulled 11 daily limit boards, but both fell to the limit. Zhongtong Bus opened at 19.19 yuan/share, down 9.99%, and closed more than 600,000 lots on the limit-down board; Zhejiang Shibao opened at 14 yuan/share, down 10.03%, with more than 700,000 orders on the limit-down board. Zhongtong Bus and Zhejiang Shibao, both of which belong to the automobile industry chain, have successively announced that the verification of abnormal stock fluctuations has been completed, and there are no major matters that should be disclosed but not disclosed. It is worth noting that when the “Lhasa Tiantuuan” and other hot money speculated on Zhongtong Bus, nearly 120,000 investors entered the market in just one month.

The two major demon stocks resumed trading and fell to the limit

“I just want to know that the limit down tomorrow is also a change, is it suspended?!” Yesterday, an investor posted on the Zhongtong Bus Stock Bar and asked. Da Yaogu Zhongtong Bus, which has been suspended for two weeks, finally resumed trading, but it fell by the limit at the opening, at 19.19 yuan per share.

On the evening of July 5, Zhongtong Bus announced that the company’s stock trading continued to experience abnormal fluctuations. In order to protect the interests of investors, the company recently conducted necessary verification. As a result of the verification, there has been no major change in the fundamentals of the company. Solar energy can be used as an auxiliary power source for the solar-powered extended-range intelligent driving bus developed by the company. At present, only a prototype vehicle has been developed, and the technology has not been commercialized.

In fact, this is the second time that Zhongtong Bus has started verification. Previously, due to the sharp rise in stock prices in the short term, the first suspension verification was initiated on June 2, and trading was resumed on June 10. After the resumption of trading, the stock price continued to soar all the way, so it was suspended again on June 22 for verification.

Coincidentally, Zhejiang Shibao, another doubled “demon stock”, also completed the suspension verification. It resumed trading yesterday, and it also fell by the limit at 14 yuan per share. Zhejiang Shibao announced that the company has recently conducted necessary inspections on matters related to abnormal fluctuations in stock transactions. There is no information disclosed by the company in the previous period that needs to be corrected or supplemented. The company has not found any unpublished material information recently reported by the public media that may or have had a significant impact on the company’s stock trading price, and the company’s internal and external operating environment has not undergone major changes. .

Both the two demon stocks have been speculated by hot money

Due to the launch of nucleic acid detection vehicles and solar-powered extended-program smart-driving buses, the stock price of Zhongtong Bus has soared one after another. Data shows that on May 13, Zhongtong Bus opened the first daily limit board, and then it won 13 consecutive boards. As of June 21, Zhongtong Bus had a total of 15 daily limit boards, with a range increase of over 390%. Zhejiang Shibao, which also belongs to the automotive sector, performed equally vigorously in June. From June 13 to June 28, the share price nearly tripled, and the daily limit reached 11 within 12 trading days. Zhejiang Shibao’s cumulative increase in June reached 218.2%; Zhongtong Bus’s cumulative increase in the second quarter reached 335.1%, of which the increase in May reached 261.06%.

Although the number of nucleic acid testing vehicles disclosed by Zhongtong Bus is only 38, it has repeatedly stated that the number of nucleic acid testing vehicles is small, and this business is not enough to have a significant impact on the company’s business development and profitability. In addition, only a prototype of the solar-powered extended-range intelligent driving bus has been developed, but this obviously failed to stop the frenzied hype of the “Lhasa Sky Group”, which is dominated by retail investors. The transaction status of the Dragon Tiger List published by Zhongtong Bus from June 17 to June 21 shows that the Lhasa business department of Oriental Fortune occupies the top five major seats, and the first, second and fifth seats are all from Lhasa of Oriental Fortune In the sales department, the first, third and fourth seats sold are also from the Oriental Fortune Lhasa Sales Department. Previously released data also showed that Oriental Fortune Lhasa Sales Department frequently appeared in the top five seats in trading.

The figure of “Lhasa Heavenly Mission” also appeared in Zhejiang Shibao. According to the data of the Dragon Tiger List, from June 16 to June 20, the Lhasa branch of Orient Fortune Securities occupied 2 of the top five seats in trading. The data from June 21 to June 22 shows that the “Lhasa Tiantu” still occupies the main trading seats; from June 24 to June 28, among the top five trading seats, each occupies 3 seats.

It is worth noting that when the hot money was hyped, the shareholders of the two demon stocks were reducing their holdings one after another. Zhejiang Shibao Company’s controlling shareholder, Zhejiang Shibao Holding Group Co., Ltd., reduced its holdings of 15.7928 million A-shares in the company through a block transaction on June 20, accounting for 4.62% of the company’s shares and 2% of the company’s total share capital. The 18.96% shareholder of Zhongtong Bus, Shandong State-owned Assets Investment Holding Co., Ltd., disclosed its shareholding reduction plan on May 31. It is planned to reduce its holdings by no more than 11.8 million by means of centralized bidding within 6 months after 15 trading days. shares, accounting for 1.99% of the total share capital.

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