The Retirement Fund closes with almost $ 150 million in loans to municipalities

At the end of March, when the health emergency was already a reality, the first increase in assets took place, leaving the minimum retirement at $ 22,728. Months later, in November, that amount rose to $ 25,719, which also implied the rise of all the highest categories.

Along these lines, in September family allowances were increased by 16%. So the child allowance was $ 3,600; $ 11,600 for the disabled child allowance, and $ 900 for the spouse allowance. It is a population of 300 people who were updated on the amount received each month.

In addition, with the aim of accompanying municipal entrepreneurs, together with the Executive Department, credits were launched for micro-enterprises, and 130 credits were delivered for local consumption, which represented an investment of 5,560,000 pesos and the possibility of accessing products such as refrigerators, washing machines or motorcycles, among others, with more than flexible financing.

“Each of the measures taken during the year had to do with two fundamental issues for us: taking care of the retiree’s health and putting some money in his pocket. That is why we guarantee the placement of the influenza vaccine at home, through the agreement signed with VIDA Emergencias Médicas; That is why we made a cadet service available, so that the elderly did not have to go out; We created a library with more than one hundred titles so that older adults have one more option to entertain themselves during the confinement, and that is why the two increases in assets and in allocations, “said the president of the Retirement Fund, Gustavo Vela.

He also recalled the agreement with the municipal Executive to guarantee, also, the application of the coronavirus vaccine to all retirees and pensioners who so wish. “The device carried out to apply the anti-flu was an experience for us. It was a successful bet, which allowed us to guarantee that right to our entire population at risk, without them having to move from their home ”, he considered.

It is worth noting that each of these measures was taken under the firm conviction of taking care of the funds and the financial order that this administration has managed to build. Thus, 2020 closes with a surplus of 68,500,000 pesos, which demonstrates the sustainability of the system and constitutes a very important support to continue thinking and implementing measures that basically aim to improve the quality of life of retirees and municipal pensioners.

In this sense, the president of the Fund highlighted the 758 credits granted during the year that ends, for an amount of 149,584,653 pesos. And the “795 benefits that were given, which have to do with aid to families who are going through some cancer treatment or addictions, for example.”

“Illness situations, especially in serious cases, are very hard for families. And, on many occasions, it happens that you do not have the financial means to access the treatments. So, there we are, accompanying, ”Vela remarked. Who highlighted the work of all the Caja’s staff, who “in the midst of the pandemic made themselves available and gave their best, which makes us feel proud of the human quality of our workers.”

“We wish a better 2021, and we hope to leave the coronavirus behind, so that the projects we had for this year can become a reality and we continue to build the municipal Fund that we want,” he concluded.


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