the retrofuturist campaign of the German government

In Germany, the executive released three prevention videos encouraging young Germans to be heroes by staying at home. Their particularity: they take place in the future, and show elderly people remembering the year 2020, when it was necessary “Stay on your sofa” to count in “hero”.

Being a hero while staying at home: this is the message that the German government, like all the states affected by the second wave of Covid-19 contamination, wishes to convey to young people. While health restrictions are increasingly contested in Europe, the “Bundesregierung” – the German federal government – has decided to innovate, by broadcasting three original video spots, the popularity of which has crossed borders: the British daily The Telegraph translated one of the videos for his readers. Using the codes of the historical documentary, the clip shows an elderly man remembering the year 2020 : “I think it was in winter 2020 that the whole country looked at us. I had just turned 22 and was studying mechanical engineering in Chemnitz when the second wave came ”, he recalls, like a veteran.

“Special heroes”

Except that his exploits in his “war” boil down to one thing, as he explains in the second part of the video, much more humorous: “So we all took our courage in both hands and did what was expected of us. The only thing that had to be done: nothing. ” Stay at home, “With his sofa as a front line, and patience as a weapon ”. The hashtag of the campaign, #Special heroes (“# Heroesparticulers”), was trending Twitter in Germany on Sunday, November 15, due to the backlash. If some welcome the humor of the clip, others point out that everyone does not have the same conditions of confinement, and that the message is mainly addressed to the privileged.

The magazine The mirror stresses that the various reviews made it possible to make speak about this advertisement. The government has therefore succeeded in its mission, whether or not the spirit of the campaign was appreciated: “This has achieved the goal and we have all contributed to it, including this comment. Indeed, almost no one criticizes the basic message: stay at home! ”

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