The return from San Lorenzo to Boedo is increasingly …

The rezoning law of the San Lorenzo club property in Boedo to enable the construction of the new stadium got this thursday a first sanction on the part of the Buenosairean Legislature in an approval that was celebrated by the leadership and the Barcelona fans that gathered in front of the capital’s Parliament.

The deputies established with 57 positive votes and one abstention the new urban regulations for the polygon between Avenida La Plata and the streets Inclán, Mármol and Las Casas, where the Gasometer was until in 1979 the military dictatorship expropriated it from San Lorenzo.

The the sanction was celebrated by the Cyclone leadership, who followed the legislative debate in a room adjacent to the session site; and for the fans who remained on the outskirts of Parliament since 10 am waiting for the vote.

They were present in the Legislature the Minister of Tourism of the Nation and vice-second of the club, Matías Lammens; the president of the entity, Marcelo Tinelli; and the general secretary, Marcelo Mastrosimone, among others.

This Thursday was a first sanction of the law and not the final one since this type of norm, as they contain changes of zoning, require a “double reading”. That is, there will be a public hearing in the Legislature in the coming weeks for citizens to express their opinion and a new debate on campus for its final approval, which could only occur in 2021, according to parliamentary sources.

Punctually, The law contemplates a series of changes to the current urban regulations that govern the lands of Avenida La Plata at 1600 to enable the construction of the new stadium that would have a capacity for 45,000 spectators and a maximum height of up to 38 meters.

The “Master plan” designed by the Boedo club also proposes the enabling of a series of facilities linked to social services, such as a primary school and a secondary school., a police station and one of firefighters, the possibility of installing more shops, a Museum, a hotel and up to a who.

During the session, the legislator of the Frente de Todos Manuel Socías said that the recent approval “is one more chapter in a story that takes years“, but he stressed that unlike other opportunities” San Lorenzo today does not come to complain, but to thank us for treating a project so often delayed. “

Your block mate, Deputy Leandro Santoro, a fan of San Lorenzo, said: “We voted to return from San Lorenzo de Almagro to Boedo, a place where he should never have left. This Legislature has the possibility of lcarry out an act of justice because the club was evicted by the military dictatorship from its place in the world. Today we begin this path that will culminate when the law is approved in the second reading, “he said.

For his part, deputy Juan Francisco Nosiglia, from UCR-Evolución, said that the accompaniment of the law responded to “the need to restore the lands where San Lorenzo housed its stadium for decades and of which he was stripped in a dark and illegitimate process by the last military dictatorship. “

On the side of the Barça leaders, he spoke Marcelo tinelli, president of San Lorenzo and head of the Professional Football League. “Today an act of justice of a vile plunder is consummated“celebrated the television host, who added:”We hope to have the public hearing in January, February and the second vote in March, so that we can plan that example of a stadium that we are going to do there.. The fans accompany all the time. This is the San Lorenzo family ”.


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