“The return of ‘Los Hombres de Paco’ is a real gift”

Carlos Santos, as José Luis Povedilla / R.C

He returns to give life to José Luis Povedilla, the shy policeman who he played for the last time a decade ago. «They were five incredible years»

Winner of a Goya award for best new actor in 2016, Carlos Santos (Murcia, 1978) is remembered for that shy policeman from ‘Los Hombres de Paco’: José Luis Povedilla. More than a decade later, this Murcian actor returns to patrol on Antena 3, which he considers a “gift”, he points out to this newspaper. He returns to the small screen with the Pacos, although he will also be seen soon in the return of another historical one, ‘Stories to not sleep’, by the hand of Paco Plaza in the chapter entitled ‘Freddy’.

-How was that call to return to ‘Los Hombres de Paco’?

-It was very exciting, but it is true that the first call was a kind of trial and error. They told us that there was a request to ask the actors about the return and before they finished the sentence I said yes. ‘Men of Paco forever’ and to return to Povedilla always. It was just a groping, we called each other and if someone said no, I guess they would go to the drawer. I think it was unanimous, because they were five incredible years and for everyone it was more than a job.

-Are you afraid of disappointing the followers of the Pacos?

-Honestly no. This is a real gift, I would obviously like you to love it, laugh and get excited with the stories we have prepared. But if it didn’t happen, this has been a gift and here I am going to be a bit selfish and keep it to myself. Although, I am convinced that you will like it. They are the Pacos in essence, but there is a spectacular leap in quality, because television and we have changed.

-How was the reunion with Povedilla?

-He is a character who has never abandoned me and has always been in my memory. The tone and spirit were in the first line of the script. It has been to put the Povedilla booster vaccine and the antibodies have jumped to unimaginable figures (laughs).

-Can we say long live the Pacos?

-Long live, yes. I wish it were a franchise, because there is a latent idea in this series which is humanity and values ​​such as friendship, love and comedy. The humanity of ‘Los Hombres de Paco’ is what conquered people at the time and this is what will conquer people in this new stage, I’m sure.

-How can you conquer the youngest who now have social networks, Twitch and thousands of things to entertain themselves?

-Phew! I wouldn’t know what to say to you, honestly. The way of consuming television has changed a lot. It is very difficult for there to be a product that captures so much in the spirit and in the memories of the person as it happened in the 80, 90 and 2000 where you had to wait a week to see a chapter, now that does not happen, because there is massive consumption and very fast. The particularity of ‘Los Hombres de Paco’ is that it is a product that already exists and is going to attract a large audience and I would like to conquer a new audience.

-But now we have thinner skin and the humor of the Pacos is very particular.

-The ingredients are the same and it is true that we have the finest skin. Fortunately, we have been given carte blanche to continue in the line we were in 10 or 12 years ago. In the first stage we got to joke with ETA, with coups and look now they talk about the latter. Fiction always falls short (laughs).

-Carlos, we are talking about José Luis Povedilla, but Carlos Santos is more than this character. What do you prefer: theater, film or television?

-What I prefer is a good character or a good story. No matter where it is done, each medium has its particularity. I want the story to be interesting, the story I feel like, I want to tell them, it deserves to be told and that the character is attractive and interesting to me with its shades, its grays, its whites, its blacks and its purples. The medium gives me a little more equal.

-With covid-19, the world of culture is having a hard time, how do you see your future in our country?

-I always try to speak in a positive way, because I’m a bit tired of focusing only on the negative. It seems that whoever comes to the cinema or the theater is doing us a favor, no, excuse me, you are doing it to yourself by going to enjoy a story, a play. Obviously, with the consequences of the pandemic, live shows and companies have suffered greatly. but I think it is impossible for this to die. The institutions and authorities have to allocate a little more money, less rescuing banks, more rescuing those who really need it and less politicizing culture.


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