The return of Pif Gadget, another stroke of nostalgia, comrade!

Under the leadership of the former sarkozyste Frédéric Lefebvre, the fourth formula of the youth magazine, renamed Pif le Mag, appears Wednesday December 16.

There is a strong scent of nostalgia in the air. Wednesday, December 16, a new magazine formula for young people appears Pif Gadget, renamed Pif le Mag. 120,000 copies will be placed on newsstands for this fourth format of the old weekly published by the communist press.

Born in 1969, the essential comic book magazine in the 1970s and 1980s had marked the spirits thanks to its famous gadget. Every Wednesday, France from schoolyards rushed to the newsagent to get this magazine and reveled in the adventures of Rahan, the romantic sailor created by Hugo Pratt Corto Maltese, of Pifou (Glop not glop!), Of Placid and Muzo, Doctor Justice, or Super Matou. Such was the success that the publication repeatedly pulled issues of over one million copies.

It is under the leadership of Frédéric Lefebvre, former deputy and minister of Nicolas Sarkozy, that the magazine is making its fourth rebirth. The former UMP, LR then Agir executive announced his conversion to JDD, ensuring to have finished with the policy, after having resigned from his functions at the end of 2019. “With a few contributors, we bought and relaunched the Vaillant editions in agreement with Humanity. They carry all the publishing-printing-distribution part of Pif le Mag “, he explains, specifying having obtained the license “From Pif and his characters to the communist daily newspaper, holder of the rights.”

«The return of Pif is a happy event, explains the new director of publication to Figaro. Let him find his fans for the moment; that they can share with their children and grandchildren their passion for this universe. We all need it very much in these troubled times.»

For its return to newsstands, Pif Le Mag, which will appear every quarter, is presented as a journal “Sustainable and connected». Sold 5.90 euros and with 84 pages (plus 4 detachable for a goose game), the magazine intends to touch the “Super-young people from 6 to 120 years old”.

In summary, the youth magazine offers comics, with Pif, Pifou, Placid et Muzo or the Masked cucumber by Nikita Mandryka. But also six boards of Money unpublished since 1979. The review also promises a new character called Pifi, alias the son of Pif.

The leaping peas from Mexico, one of Pif’s great gadgets in the 1970s. DR

Another novelty is editorial content geared towards ecology, as strongly suggested by the logo and the color of this first issue. The reader will discover a report on Tara Ocean, the ship that saves the planet, as well as “Three green gadgets” including the famous pine seeds to grow, which were one of the “star gadgets” of Pif gadget alongside jumping peas from Mexico, Kazoo or “Pifises”, small shellfish eggs that come back to life when immersed in mineral water.

«The return of Pif Gadget to newsstands strikes me as a sort of great nostalgia. It is true that this “brand” that has become Pif gadget, still makes many people dream, considers the editor of Comic book notebooks Vincent Bernière. This is, I believe, the fourth return of this review. Let’s give it a chance to win over a new audience.»

Created in 1969 under the careful aegis of the Communist Party, Pif Gadget has indeed marked the minds of generations of French children. The secret of the success of such a magazine lay in the gadgets and adventures of its humanist, united and fraternal heroes. Historically, Pif Gadget comes from Young Patriot, underground journal of resistant youth, which, at the Liberation, under the leadership of the painter René Moreu, became Valiant.

Rahan’s death in Pif gadget, one of the magazine’s biggest sales … DR.

“Undeniably, Pif marked the memories of children who grew up in the 1970s and 1980s, continues Vincent Bernière. I remember the publication of Pif Gadget on the death of Rahan, which had sold a million copies, and had required several reprints, in particular by taking advantage of the paper usually attributed to the review TV 7 days.»

After a first return to monthly between 2004 and 2008, under the aegis of François Cortegianni, the former magazine with communist ideals then opted for a quarterly formula between summer 2015 and March 2018, before stopping for lack of readers. In 2018, he tried a third comeback, thanks to a participatory fundraiser, to appear again every week.

Will the fourth attempt be the right one? “Alas, soberly analysis Vincent Bernière, I fear the resurrection of Pif Gadget or a delicate initiative dedicated only to nostalgics. Children today no longer know Pif the dog or Pifou, even less Placid and Muzo. They read Mortelle Adèle, Ariol, or Naruto and play video games online. It is especially to the generation of their parents or even that of their grandparents that Pif Gadget. I hope I am wrong …»


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