The return of the cult series ” The girls next door ”!

I think the sequel to First Kisses will normally see the light of day in 2021, confirms producer Jean-Luc Azoulay, famous “A” from AB Productions. The whole team would be starting, Camille Raymond (alias Justine, Editor’s note), Magalie Madison (the famous Annette, Editor’s note) and Christophe Rippert (aka Luc, Editor’s note), he explains in Télé Loisirs. First Kisses has always been more realistic than Helene and the Boys (of which he also made a sequel called The Mysteries of Love, Editor’s note.). We are going to tell about what they have become, and the fact that they continue to be friends and to see each other. All of these series are ‘friends for life’. “

Once again, there will therefore be no question of reboot here as for many US series (Beverly Hills, Saved by the Bell, Hartley hearts raw, etc.), but a sequel to the original series, “a bit like The Mysteries of Love but a little more realistic“. Indeed, Jean-Luc Azoulay is the maker of the successful sitcoms of the 90s: Hélène et les Garçons, Hail Musclés, The Miracle of Love, Honey and Bees, etc. . And the big boss of AB Productions doesn’t seem to have enough yet.

So starting with The Girls Next Door, a sitcom that had hit the mark between 1993 and 1995, followed a little later by The New Girls Next Door, he reveals in Leisure TV. “It amuses us and it seems to interest the channels, he confides to the French TV magazine. There will be part of the cast of the first version and there will be new girls. Bradley Cole wouldn’t be against it. “

The one who played the photographer Daniel, the fop with the irresistible American accent, has disappeared from television radars since 2010. Apart from a few appearances in the Love vacation, Hatred and Passion and General Hospita lHe seemed to have stepped aside from the cameras. His return will delight fans.

But they also and above all expect to see a certain… Gérard Vivès, now 58 years old. The one who played the effeminate receptionist at the gym and the stereotypical gay gymnastics teacher made an impression on everyone’s mind. Since the animation of Right price alongside Vincent Lagaf ‘(2009), his participation in Dance with the stars in 2012 or even reality TV at I’m a celebrity, get me out of here! (2019), he was also very discreet.

To counter the problems linked to the health crisis, the audiovisual sector seems to be betting on its solid values.

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