the return of war in the middle of the desert

Established twenty-nine years ago, the cease-fire between Morocco and the Polisario Front has shattered in Western Sahara. “War is declared”, announced the independence movement, supported by neighboring Algeria.

To those who imagined it frozen, recent events have served as a reminder that this conflict is highly flammable. Twenty-nine years after its establishment, the ceasefire is shattered in Western Sahara, says Algerian newspaper Freedom. This piece of desert located in the south of Morocco has been claimed both by the kingdom and by the Polisario Front, since the departure of the Spanish troops in 1975. While the Sahrawi separatists are supported by Algeria, this conflict is one of the main sources tensions in the Maghreb. But never in three decades have they been so strong.

Friday, November 13, Morocco in fact decided to conduct a military operation in Guerguerat, a border post with Mauritania, a no man’s land located in a buffer zone established by agreements signed in 1991. For three weeks, tension has been mounting. worryingly, while Sahrawi demonstrations followed one another. Believing that this crossing point is “illegal” and continuing to demand the organization of a self-determination referendum, the protesters blocked the passage of goods to neighboring Mauritania. Unacceptable for Rabat, which went to reopen the border manu militari.

This action was carried out “By virtue of homework [du Maroc] and in perfect international legality ”,


Anna Sylvestre-Treiner

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