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The Revenue Department develops artificial intelligence. increase tax efficiency

Date 23 May 2022 time 07:39

The Revenue Department joins forces with NECTEC to develop artificial intelligence (AI) technology to enhance digital service for taxpayers.

The Revenue Department and the National Science and Technology Development Agency The National Electronics and Computer Technology Center (NECTEC, NSTDA) has signed a memorandum of cooperation on the development, extension and transfer of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology in accordance with the National Strategic Plan in Thailand. Building competitiveness in industries and services of digital, data and artificial intelligence and access to government services By signing this memorandum It is an online memorandum signing through Microsoft Teams.

Dr. Ekniti Nitithanpraphas Director-General of the Revenue Department revealed that “This cooperation with NECTEC NSTDA has an important objective to cooperate. “Developing systems and developing people” builds on “Nong Aree – AI Chatbot, an intelligent assistant in tax matters” with additional artificial intelligence technologies such as voice-generating from text. (Text-to-speech) speech recognition (Speech-to-text), etc., in order to upgrade the service to the taxpayers of the Revenue Department to match and upgrading government digital services in line with the National Strategic Plan on building competitiveness in industries and services of digital, data and artificial intelligence.

In addition, the signing of this MOU is also an exchange and strengthening experience and academic information between the Revenue Department and NECTEC, NSTDA in the use of artificial intelligence technology to develop and enhance the digital services of the next-generation government to be highly efficient. which will contribute to sustainable development

In this regard, the Revenue Department would like to thank NECTEC NSTDA for appreciating the importance and cooperating with the Revenue Department in this operation.”

Dr. Chai Wuttiwiwatchai Director of the National Electronics and Computer Technology Center or NECTEC, NSTDA, acting on behalf of the Director of the National Science and Technology Development Agency, said, “NECTEC NSTDA as an information technology research and development organization advanced to the country including preparing for future technology research Has accumulated knowledge and expertise in artificial intelligence for more than 20 years, especially related to the Thai language and Thai identity. And has provided AI FOR THAI: Thai AI Service Platform or Thai nationality AI platform. which aims to be an important platform to increase potential And the competitiveness of the industry and services to enhance the efficiency of the Thai economy in cooperation with the Revenue Department. NECTEC NSTDA brings knowledge, research results, technology and innovation to enhance the potential of digital government services as well. AI Service – Convert Speech to Text (Speech to Text) with Research “Thai Speech Recognition Platform (Partii)” Automatic conversation response with research “Abdul Automation Platform” and Text to Speech with Research “Voice-Thai Speech Synthesizer Software (VAJA)” for further development as a Voice bot to provide services for taxpayers to inquire and request tax information. And to meet the needs of the development of digital government services in the future, NECTEC NSTDA has a guideline to bring research results and government innovations such as Open data, Big data analytics to support the work of the Revenue Department as well.”



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