“The riots in the Netherlands could give ideas to young French people”

INTERVIEW. A third night of riots broke out in the Netherlands following the entry into force of the curfew. For Christophe de Voogd, historian and specialist in the country, these protests are a sign of the exhaustion of a youth who has not yet experienced confinement.

LE FIGARO – Are these riots the work of thugs or the sign of a popular revolt against health restrictions?

CHRISTOPHE THE GUARDIAN – Since this summer, there has been unrest in the working-class neighborhoods of the Netherlands linked to the inactivity of young people in the face of the epidemic. For example, unrest took place in Utrecht and south of The Hague to protest against health measures, which are flexible compared to many other countries. But for some time now, we have seen young people from all walks of life take the lead in the protest, as in the collective The Netherlands in Revolt “The Netherlands in revolt”. These modes of action and the recruitment of the movement are reminiscent of the Yellow Vests: a declining middle class to which are added many precarious that the measures taken against the pandemic are sending into poverty.

Medium-sized towns in the center and south of the country have been the subject of violence as they had not known for a very long time,

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