The robbery of Juancho De la Espriella adds to the wave of insecurity in Barranquilla

Criminals who during the holiday season they stay active committing their misdeeds, They assaulted the renowned sincere accordionist Juancho De la Espriella this Thursday night when he was about to enter a hotel located in the north of Barranquilla.

The fact was confirmed to THE HERALD by Juan Carlos García, manager of the musical group Los de Juancho led by the Sabanero digitator.

“He was arriving at the hotel and they were shot at, It was a harrowing moment, because he was with his wife and two children. He was very upset, he was arriving at the hotel parking lot, they took cell phones, personal belongings, money and a briefcase. They left him without cards and without papers ”.

García said that last night (Thursday) the consecrated musician who He has worked with Peter Manjarrés, Diomedes Díaz, Silvestre Dangond, Martín Elías and El Mono ZabaletaHe was concerned because he had to resolve “many labor issues and now incommunicado and undocumented there is little he can do.”

“It is unfortunate that this happens, the authorities must be alert, because it can happen to anyone, not just a figure like Juancho”, Declared García.

Amount stolen

The Metropolitan Police of Barranquilla reported, in a preliminary way, that the theft committed by the accordion player amounts to $ 45 million.

In the report, the authorities detail that several objects were stolen from him, Among them: three Iphone cell phones, a pair of airpods, a gold chain, a Louis Vuitton women’s wallet, a Salvatore Ferragamo men’s wallet, a gold-plated Montblac pen, some Gucci glasses and the cash sum of $ 500 thousand, among others.

According to De la Espriella, “he was in a shopping center in the north of Barranquilla with his family. Upon departure, they head to the Crown Plaza Hotel aboard the HVW 455 license plate vehicle from Bogotá and enter the parking lot of the mentioned place, where they are approached by two subjects with a firearm, one of them on a motorcycle, who intimidated and threatened them all the time ”.

“They ask the Lord Juancho de la Espriella give them the watch, not having the element, they proceed to take the objects in view: bags, chains and other belongings ”, reads the judicial report to which EL HERALDO had access.


Although the authorities have highlighted a reduction in crime in the city, a recent report by the National Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences, places Barranquilla as the fourth capital city of Colombia with the most cases of violence, after Bogotá, Cali and Medellín.

For Janiel Melamed, director of the Barranquilla Citizen Security Observatory and professor-researcher at the Universidad del Norte, the situation “does not gravitate towards the protection and sovereignty of the State,” but on the protection of citizens and individuals against acts of violence, criminality, danger or even public calamities that threaten their life, physical integrity, honor and property.

“During the first half of 2020 There was a significant reduction in violent events, to a large extent, in mobility that occurred during the pandemic, but the long-term violence and crime figures in the city reveal worrying aspects for citizens ”, says the specialist.


The Police offered some recommendations for citizens to take care of their money and belongings at this time of the end of the year.

In matters of Christmas shopping, avoid withdrawing and carrying large sums of cash.

After making several purchases online, rcheck that all charges to your account are known. If you are going on a trip, leave your home well insured; If you observe behavior that affects your peace of mind, remember to call line 123.


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